Our carefully selected beef is brought in whole, cut to size ,vacuum packed & flame grilled to your liking.
All our grilled meats are accompanied by confit tomatoes, sauteed mushrooms, green beans, crispy onions & a choice of chips, mashed potatoes, seasonal vegetables or baked potato.

Sirloin 250g   R159

The most common beef cut with a fine but firm textures & richness in flavour

Ribeye 250g   R169

A very tender cut, that’s flavour of which is enhanced by the marbling of the fat

Fillet 250g   R179

The most tender and lean of all cuts

1kg His & Hers Tomahawk steak    R399

One of the most tender beef cuts, fine grained with generous marbling throughout

Steak Toppings

Chilli Compound Butter   R30

Homemade Red Onion Marmalade & Brie Cheese  R35

Biltong & Blue Cheese   R39

Chorizo & Bacon with Brie Cheese  R39

Bone Marrow  R50


Creamy Cheese   R30

Creamy Mushroom   R30

Green Peppercorn   R30

Red Wine Jus   R30

Truffle Hollandaise R30

Butlers Peri-Peri   R30

Creamy Blue Cheese   R30


Savoury Rice  R30

Sweet Potato Mash  R30

Side Chips  R30

Baked Potato R30

Mashed Potato R30

Roasted Butternut   R35

Creamy Spinach  R35

Seasonal Vegetable R35

Onion rings R35

‘Over the top fries’ R39